News to share: my plans for 2019


After a decade of being honoured to represent Edmonton Strathcona, I have decided I will not be seeking the nomination for the Fall 2019 federal election. While I will continue to represent my constituency until the next election, it is time to pass the torch to another.

I have been deeply touched by every single person who has thanked me for my service, or said they hoped I will run again in 2019. It is the wonderful people of Edmonton Strathcona that have kept me energized. I am profoundly grateful that they elected me three times.

I can’t express enough appreciation to my riding association and the many other volunteers who have supported me during campaigns and helped me connect with constituents over the last 10 years.

Among my greatest privileges as MP is the ability to assist both my constituents and other concerned Canadians in addressing federal issues and concerns. In all sincerity I credit and thank my dedicated constituency and House of Commons staff for providing this assistance.

Rest assured that over this coming year I will continue working hard inside and outside the House of Commons with my NDP colleagues to hold the government accountable for its responsibilities to Canadians, in particular keeping front and centre those in greatest need.

As my dear friend Jack Layton was so fond of declaring “don’t let them tell you it can’t be done.”