Create your Canada

Create your Canada is a contest where Grade 11 and 12 students from schools in Edmonton Strathcona submit ideas for new federal legislation or policy reform.

The topic is up to you:
Environment? Elections? Indigenous rights? Jobs for the future? Climate Change? Criminal law?

The winner(s) will be flown to Ottawa to watch me present the proposed legislation in the House of Commons.

Deadline to enter is March 9, 2018. I look forward to receiving inspiring and innovative reform proposals!

Full details:

Create Your Canada is a contest that challenges students to brainstorm ideas and propose laws that they feel will make a better Canada. My office will choose one winner(s) who submits the best idea (either one student or two if they have submitted as a team). We will then draft their idea into an actual Private Member’s Bill or Motion to be tabled in the House. We will fly the winner(s) to Ottawa to watch me present their bill in the House of Commons. I will cover all expenses for the student(s) for the visit.

 As previous competitions sponsored by my colleagues have shown, this is a great opportunity for students to experience direct involvement in the democratic process, and to learn about how laws are actually made. The winning entry will have the opportunity to travel to Ottawa to visit Parliament and witness firsthand how innovative ideas become part of the legislative process. They will also enjoy a personal tour of Parliament: The new Parliamentary Chamber (where they can sit in the Prime Minister’s chair!), the Members’ private lobby, and other highlights on the Hill.

The deadline to submit a proposal is Friday, March 9 at 9 pm. 

This is a great way for students to learn about their government, participate in our democracy, practice social awareness, and, most importantly, make a difference. The student only has to propose an idea for federal action and their rationale. I will draft the actual Bill or Motion.

For more information, call 780-495-8404 or email I would be pleased to meet with the school to explain the process.

Click here for the information sheet and submission form.


 Create Your Canada