Statement by Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair on the Rejection of NDP Motion on Science and Research Transparency

We have seen again today just how far the Conservatives will go to dodge accountability and hide under the cloaks of secrecy.

These are the same Conservatives that campaigned on a platform of accountability and transparency.

Unfortunately, they continue to muzzle scientists from publicly discussing their research. They slash and shutter research programs that don’t agree with their ideological agenda.

Because of this, we won’t know just how grave the damage will be to our environment, to social programs and to our economy.

The information cover-up increases by the day: restricted data on habitat protection or monitoring of air pollution, cuts to Statistics Canada and the shuttering of research programs, among many others.

Canadians deserve better. They deserve to know what will happen as a result of this silencing.

That’s why, despite this defeat, my New Democratic team and I will continue to stand up for scientific research and accountability.

We need to stand up for scientists’ ability to research without fear of government interference and to ensure the creation of policy based on accountable, transparent facts.