Statement by New Democrat Leader Nycole Turmel on defeated motion protecting veterans

Once again, New Democrats are showing leadership on issues that matter to Canadians, especially for our veterans.

But, shamefully, the Conservatives are showing that veterans’ retirement security is not a priority for them.

Our motion was defeated, with an astonishing number of Conservative MPs voting against protecting the most basic rights of veterans.

The Conservatives have ignored the needs of our military and RCMP veterans for too long, and still continue even when they are pressed on it.

Instead of cutting the much-needed services that Veterans Affairs provides to fund costly prisons and failed fighter jets, the Conservatives need to take a hard look at their wrong-headed priorities.

Many Canadians admire the tireless efforts of our Veterans Affairs Critic, Peter Stoffer, who put this motion forward. Alongside Deputy Critic Annick Papillon, Peter and this entire team will continue to hold the Conservatives accountable to veterans and their families.

Our fight doesn’t end tonight. We’re going to continue to make sure Veterans Affairs funding isn’t cut.

We will look carefully over the budget to make sure that Veterans Affairs funding will be consistent to previous years.

We will make sure that the services veterans and their families need and use will be guaranteed in the budget.

After all veterans have given for our country, New Democrats are standing up for veterans to guarantee their futures and their retirement security.