OTTAWA – With Canada Day just around the corner, the Harper Conservatives are celebrating with the Royal Assent of a new bill, which – alongside cuts to health care for refugees – hurt those seeking refuge in Canada from persecution, according to the NDP’s Citizenship and Immigration critic Jinny Sims.

“Minister Kenney may be celebrating today, but for thousands of vulnerable people, this is a sad day,” said Sims, the MP for Newton – North Delta. “Canada was built on the idea that we all have a responsibility to take care of one another – especially the vulnerable. Conservatives are ignoring this with their mean-spirited legislation and draconian cuts.”

Sims also noted the Conservatives’ new law won’t stop human smuggling and concentrates sweeping new powers into the hands of the Minister.

“The Minister has now grabbed more arbitrary power, including the power to treat refugees differently depending on how they come to Canada,” said Sims. “I ask the Minister to take some time this Canada Day to reflect on how his changes will end the dreams of so many who are legitimately trying to come to our country to escape suffering and live in freedom.”

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