Conservatives end the program with no warning for the second time in two years

OTTAWA – New Democrats are slamming the government for once again pulling the plug on the popular, cost-effective ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes program with no warning.

“Thousands of Canadians who were counting on this program are now once again suddenly being told they’re out of luck. It’s mind-boggling. This program is a true no-brainer: it saves families money, creates good local jobs, and reduces energy consumption – and more than pays for itself in economic spinoffs and tax revenues generated,” said Claude Gravelle, NDP Natural Resources Critic.

On top of creating huge uncertainty in the energy-efficient retrofit industry, estimates suggest that ending the program now will mean that more than half of the money promised by the government will go unused.

“Shutting down the program now makes no sense. As long as funds remain, a goal of retrofitting 250,000 homes should be the minimum – not a cut-off,” added Gravelle. “More public awareness about energy efficiency is welcome, but it won’t make up for ending the retrofit program.”

The government’s own numbers show that households that have participated in ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes have saved on average $700 per year per $2000 spent on utilities, reduced energy consumption by over 20 percent, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 3 tonnes per house.

“A quarter million Canadians have used the program to save on their energy bills and help the environment. It’s a proven program with great results, which is why New Democrats will continue to fight to make it permanent,” concluded Gravelle.