NDP's Duncan Slams Environment Minister on Environmental Assesment of Rail

OTTAWA – Today, Linda Duncan, NDP Critic for Environment and Climate Change, questioned the Minister for Environment and climate change on her refusal to require environmental assessments of potentially dangerous rail cargo.

“Successive Conservative and Liberal governments’ have stated moving oil and other dangerous goods by rail poses significant threats to our environment and communities,” said Duncan. “But we have yet to see any action from the Liberals and rail remains highly under-regulated.”

Yesterday, Duncan introduced Bill C-304 that would make federal environmental assessment mandatory for activities posing potentially significant risk to the environment, human life or public health. Communities across Canada have long demanded a voice in how dangerous goods move through their regions by rail, and the proposed law would finally address some of their concerns.‎

"The Minister of the Environment has the power now to order assessment of potentially dangerous rail traffic,” said Duncan. “What is she waiting for?”