NDP REALITY CHECK: Privacy Catastrophe Remix

NDP REALITY CHECK: Privacy Catastrophe Remix

In response to a Written Question by Charlie Angus the government has revealed their utter incompetence at managing and protecting the private information of Canadian.

Words fail to do justice to the magnitude of this colossal compromise of Canadians private data. So here are some numbers[pdf].

Number of privacy breaches since Conservatives took power:

2,924 and counting…

Percentage of breaches unreported to the Privacy Commissioner since Conservatives took power:


Top 3 Departmental breaches by volume of individuals effected:

92,422 - Agriculture and Agri-food Canada

348,061 – PWGSC

619,383 - HRSDC

Total number individuals effected since Conservatives took power:

1,075,311 and counting…

Of course these numbers are not entirely precise since the tracking systems for many departments are either deficient in their accuracy or in some cases non-existent.

No amount of Conservative bafflegab or spin from Canada’s less than alacritous President of the Treasury Board can explain away a failure of this magnitude.

Canadians deserve better.