iNews880: Duncan, NDP caucus meet for pre-parliament planning

You can expect the federal NDP to come out firing when the fall sitting of parliament opens.

The party is in the midst of three days of caucus meetings, discussing strategy before MP's return to Ottawa after the summer break.

Strathcona NDP MP Linda Duncan has been hearing all summer from local constituents, and she says it's clear that many are still mad about the Harper government's omnibus budget bill.

"The thing I thought was stunning, was the number of people who came up to me and were upset about the omnibus (budget) bill and what Stephen Harper has done to denegrate (Canada's) history of strong environmental protection, and to the evisceration of funding for science."

Duncan says she and her party will put a lot of pressure on the Prime Minister when it comes to the Northern Gateway Pipeline, a project, she says, needs federal involvement.

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