NDP call for Aboriginal Affairs Committee to visit James Bay First Nation communities.

OTTAWA –Today New Democrats are calling on the Aboriginal Affairs Committee to travel to first nations’ communities along the James Bay coast. For years basic infrastructure and amenities enjoyed by other Canadian communities has been denied to these communities by the government.

"Far too many aboriginal communities lack good roads, safe drinking water, a reliable source of electricity or heat, housing, schools or meeting facilities,” said New Democrat Aboriginal Affairs Critic Linda Duncan (Edmonton-Strathcona). “This is a problem that stretches beyond Attawapiskat but also includes James Bay communities such as Fort Albany and Kashechewan."

For Charlie Angus (Timmins—James Bay) the problem is the Conservative Government’s history of neglect for these first nations communities.

“Despite the fact all three of these communities declared a state of emergency, this government has done little to address their critical needs," said Angus. “Attawapiskat didn’t just happen overnight and isn’t the only community facing these problems. I think it would be wise for the Aboriginal Affairs Committee to take a good look at the full range of problems facing these communities,” said Angus.